A passion for

positive impact




A passion for positive impact

At interMedius, coming to work is more than an occasion for employment. It’s an opportunity to dream and envision a world where our efforts positively impact the lives of others. We see technology not as a means to an end, but rather the key that unlocks new beginnings. Through development of innovative technology, interMedius empowers individuals and organizations to live out their true mission. Our belief is simple: work hard every day to provide a positive impact on just one person. And when we do, the whole world benefits. After all, we’re all in this together. The interMedius team brings an eclectic blend of experience and energy to every project. Within every area of the organization, from graphic design to marketing, to public relations and information technologies, employees are expected to contribute continuously to the company through ideas and insights, without constrictions tied to their role or job title. This open structure encourages revolutionary ideas to bubble up unencumbered, stimulates passionate and independent thinking, and enables unconventional problem-solving approaches to become groundbreaking technology. Through the guidance of visionary management that prefers employees to be hands-on rather than handled, interMedius employees frequently work directly with our partners. It’s a simple thing, working one-on-one, but the power of this connection adds great value to the relationship. The results: user-centric technology and applications, communication platforms, and marketing strategies that prove to be not only forward-thinking, but also time-honored, lasting solutions.